Membership Info

Joining or renewing your membership online saves trees and time! Read the following information about levels of membership, then join by selecting the membership level that best fits your needs and budget. Renewing members simply log in and click the Renew/Update Membership button.

Core Membership Benefits

The following benefits apply to all levels of membership:

  • Personalized membership card
  • Free admission to Nature Operations Division sponsored special events
  • Admission to "Members Only Day" preceding each Native Plant Sale
  • Invitation to the Annual Member Meeting
  • Invitation to Nature Park Openings and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Subscription to the Longleaf Pine newsletter

Membership Levels

Select one of the five levels above to enjoy the benefits and make a difference in our community.

  1. Hiker: Core benefits for 1 person: $10/year
  2. Naturalist: Core benefits for 2 people: $15/year
  3. Flock: Core benefits for 2 people, and up to 4 children (under 18), plus a 10% discount on summer classes: $25/year
  4. Explorer: Flock benefits plus a $25 donation supporting school and summer programs: $50/year
  5. Sponsor: Flock benefits plus a $75 donation supporting FNP projects: $100/year

Join Offline

If you wish to join offline, please print, fill and mail this form. Our address is:

Friends of Nature Parks, c/o Morningside Nature Center
3540 East University Avenue
Gainesville FL
32641 USA