Native Plant Sales

Twice each year the Friends of Nature Parks holds native plant sales in conjunction with the Florida Native Plant Society. The spring and fall plant sales, held at Morningside Nature Center, are our primary source of revenue. These funds, along with membership dues and donations, support the programs and parks enhancements that form the body of our work.

Scholarship Funding

The FriendsKids Up & Around Tree II Jun 10 05, as we are often referred to, fund educational opportunities for both students from local elementary and secondary schools as well as scholarships for day camp sessions held at Morningside during school breaks. In addition, we fund Nature Operations Division staff's continuing education in fields related to ecology, program development, and recreation.

                  • Our favorite funding opportunities are covering expenses for staff time and transportation to bring local elementary students, often from schools serving underprivileged populations, to Morningside to learn about the plants and animals that form our ecology. These outings are sometimes the only opportunities available to these kids to experience natural Florida.
                • Camp scholarships provide a more in-depth experience for these students and relieve the burden on low-income families who must provide day care during school breaks.
                • Continuing education grants, stipends, and scholarships help to ensure that Parks and Recreation staff continue to develop and provide the best programs possible for our community.

Park Enhancements 

Friends of Nature Parks is proud to contribute items that improve the experience of people using the City's parks. We have contributed both funding and content to kiosks that provide information to park patrons. We also fund and directly purchase benches and other materials intended to expand the use of parks to the disabled or families with small children.


Friends Of Nature Parks members are always present at the annual programs such as the Farm and Forest Festival, Cane Boil, and the Great Air Potato Roundup put on throughout the year by the City's Parks and Recreation Department. In addition to our presence as volunteers at these events, Friends also support the work such as advertising, vendor booking, and so forth that must be done before the events.